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28dB in-depth ANC Quad-mic ENC for Call

Put on to stay quiet, in-depth noise canceling is achieved when Active Noise-Canceling(ANC) and Passive Noise-Canceling(PNC) work together

such data are measured by Hele Acoustic Lab.

Crystal-clear call, Packed with arrays combining 4 high-sensitivity microphones and ENc algorithm, these earbuds can filter most environmental, noise so you can enjoy cristal-clear call.


Noise-cancellation against 25km/h of wind 30-hour battery life

Keep the wind quiet, With professional noise-canceling technology for calling, these earbuds use hydrodynamics to reduce noise generated by wind-hitting microphones so you can enjoy crystal clear calling even outdoors.

Listen all day (ANC OFF: 30-hours battery life and 7-hours Playback) (ANC ON: 22-hours Battery Life and 5.5-hours Playback).


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