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28dB in-depth ANC Quad-mic ENC for Call

Put on to stay quiet, in-depth noise canceling is achieved when Active Noise-Canceling(ANC) and Passive Noise-Canceling(PNC) work together

such data are measured by Hele Acoustic Lab.

Crystal-clear call, Packed with arrays combining 4 high-sensitivity microphones and ENc algorithm, these earbuds can filter most environmental, noise so you can enjoy cristal-clear call.


Noise-cancellation against 25km/h of wind 30-hour battery life

Keep the wind quiet, With professional noise-canceling technology for calling, these earbuds use hydrodynamics to reduce noise generated by wind-hitting microphones so you can enjoy crystal clear calling even outdoors.

Listen all day (ANC OFF: 30-hours battery life and 7-hours Playback) (ANC ON: 22-hours Battery Life and 5.5-hours Playback).


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

جربتها من قبل وهي رائعة لذا طلبت نفسها مرة أخرى


Good quality
Clear sound
Clear mic
Case charging can make it to 3 days of normal

Georg Ballmann
Great ANC and noise cancelation 💯

The product is authentic and genuine. I love its active noise-cancellation feature and adaptability.

Diego R.
Great battery and audio quality

I avoided the T13 ANC2 for a while, but when I tried them, they were fantastic. The spatial audio is excellent and works well. The same goes for noise cancellation.

All the features, none of the noise!

I've been using Airpods (1st gen) for over two years now and have never felt the need to upgrade to 2nd gen. The Pro version, however, is a different story. These feature-packed headphones are a huge improvement over the regular T13, and I highly recommend these. The noise cancellation isn't as efficient as on-ear headphones or even the WF1000XM3, but it still performs well. You feel no cabin pressure and the ANC feels natural. The sound quality is better than the T13X TWS, and the ANC makes the experience better, but again, they won't be the industry leader in sound quality. The call quality is good, almost the same as the regular version of airpods.